For me, Elke Bartholomäus’ sensitive works are fed by the three wellsprings of ‘focus’, ‘reflection’and ‘consistency.’ These properties are a feature of all her compositions: there is a reduced formal language that concentrates entirely on the material; an artistic clarity to the musical idea; and consistency in its transposition into sound. Her artistic intuition enables her to successfully negotiate the balancing act between transparency and density, fine-tuned, almost improvisational soundscapes and clearly highly-structured formal divisions. The pieces sound fascinatingly simple in their elaborate complexity, their shimmering sense of colour; they are never flat or stiff, but light and seem absolutely of the moment.

Thomas Taxus Beck, Composer


The experience I had recording with Elke was a true delight.  Her Interpretations were ingrained with tradition that had a flair of soulfulness added.  What a joy….

Richard Clements, Pianist


Elke Bartholomäus, Raul Sengupta (tabla and percussion) and Ralf Werner (cello, sampler and live electronics) create sparkling soundscapes to accompany Dirk Groenewold’s video projections.

Arndt Kremer, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger // June 27, 2003