Travelling Light

Musical performance created specifically for the Südstadt Heating and Power Station, Cologne Theatre Night


Concept, Text, Live Looping, Vocals, Performance Elke Bartholomäus
Photos Wolfgang Weimer

The tower basement is covered in fresh turf. The audience are positioned on the stairs along the iron handrail. A loudspeaker connected to a laptop at the foot of the tower is placed at a height of ten metres. A singer lies on the grass.

Layer by layer, a live composition emerges, which in turn becomes the subject of live improvisations. A text is spoken. During the performance, the singer takes up various positions in the room and relative to the audience, revealing the charged relationship between physical and technical sound production – their convergence and divergence, their location in space and time.

Do you know
this feeling that,
beneath things,
is sleeping
as if
it had always
been like that
– yet completely
different –

do you know it?
The story
that I tell myself
writes itself
into my body, writes

my mind.
Do you know it?




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Travelling Light

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